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Array Technology Bangladesh founded on the year of 2014, consists of versatile software developers capable of developing softwares of the present computational standards and distinctly solve problems technically. We master LAMP stack, Laravel, JavaScript, jQuery, BackboneJs and MeteorJS. We emphasize on the best possible User Experience that can be engineered onto the Software or the Application. Apart from Web Application Development, Akash Soft Task and Engineering also works in the development of Android, iOS technology. We also design professional websites that can be used as a portfolio for a company.

Why Choose Us

We empower you with award winning teams that help you innovate and build great software products. Form the team that suits you best, on a short notice and only when you need it. You benefit from our amazing work environment and proven development process - that makes us passionate about what we do and reliable in our delivery. For more than a decade we have helped Fortune 500 enterprises to start-ups launch products faster, better and at lower cost.


We just love software development - it's as simple as that. That love brings in the passion to create something amazing. And the passion gives us the energy that drives us. We call it
"THE PERPETUAL STARTUP SPIRIT" That's just the easiest to explain this phenomenon to someone outside Kaz.


We are great believers of the Agile methodology in software development. Everything is bound to change and we are prepared for that change. We love to develop in small steps - giving our customers something to look at and give us feedback in at every stage.

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